Logo Animation
Logo Animation
About the Company
3rd eye Consulting stands for their ability to uncover insights & reveal
business truths to grow and nurture their clients brand.
In their own words they begin each endeavor with a keen spirit of inquiry and curiosity.
They see with two eyes and uncover with the third.
The Challenge
The company works across 3 verticals which are depicted in their logo using the 3 colors Red, blue and Yellow.
They wanted to animate the logo in such a way that represented their full spectrum of work, is a little fun to watch and stay true to their name.

The animation was to be placed on their website and as intro for future vides they will publish on YouTube or other Social Media.
The Solution
Check the logo in action on their website ---> https://3rdeye.ae/about-us/

Initially we started with exploring 2 concepts. 

The first concept was story about data.
The second concept was story about 3rd eye.

After the initial concept, the client was able to visualize their vision for logo animation more clearly. Based on the feedback, we decided to introduce iconography in the animation for more accurate representation of their work.

While the animation was doing great justice to the logo, it lacked the playfulness vibe the client was interested in.

After couple of rounds of referencing and iterations, we introduced the small triangles of different colors as a representation of different verticals The triangles playfully enters the screen, expands into bubbles and then culminate to form the logo.
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